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Pokemon Wants

List of my wants, mostly Eeveelution things. Willing to trade or purchase outright if I have the funds.
Obviously, none of these are my own pictures, lol.
Eeveelution WantsCollapse )
Other WantsCollapse )

More Eeveelution finished sets!

I only take pictured of finished sets, so more have been completed!
I'm so anxious to get my wins from Buyee to finish off all the ones I don't have, but I must be patient. A few still haven't arrived at the warehouse.

Eeveelu Set Dekkai - Copy.JPG

The perler was an art trade that I definitely overtraded for, but I'm still happy with it. :) Sadly it's already falling apart so I have to consider buying something to permanently stick it too.

I Love Eeveelutions. SO MUCH.

My FULL SETS collection so far. I have lots more than this, but they may be missing one or two, and I only take pictures of the full sets or the individual items with no sets.

Eeveelu single items/no full sets:

My little custom collection! I made the crochet ones but I bought the huge Vaporeon from Epik Nebula on Facebook.
Her name is Nami. <3

Introduction! What I do and what I love.

First journal entry, I joined mostly to reach other people that love the same things. It's quite lonely being the biggest geek in a large radius.
My absolute favorite things are Pokemon, Firefly, Legend of Zelda, and BBC Sherlock. I'm a pretty old school geek, I grew up with SNES, N64, and Playstation.

I make crochet dolls and sometimes jewelry!

I don't take commissions sadly, but I do take suggestions! I have a giant list of things I must one day do, lol. I like posting project updates on my social media, just so people know I'm working and not being lazy.

I also collect things...so many things. I'm currently collecting Pokemon plush (Pokedolls and Eeveelution items the most) and Funko.

Just a little showing off. <3

I am always on the hunt for more items to add to my collections, especially a few I bet I'll never get but hope one day, if luck would have it.
This is my HOLY GRAIL of Pokemon items. One fine day...when I'm not a poor server.

^Not my picture but of course I have to steal it, lol.